Review& Swatches : Morphe The Jaclyn Hill Palette

The Jaclyn Hill Palette is one of the most talked about beauty product of the year. I was excited to get this palette. Jaclyn Hill is so talented, I love watching her makeup tutorials. She is one of the Youtubers that I have learned so much from since I started doing makeup. She has excellent taste in her chose of colors and you can see that through her own palette.

Review & Swatches | Morphe: The Jaclyn Hill Palette

Review & Swatches | [Morphe] The Jaclyn Hill Palette

Review & Swatches |
Morphe: The Jaclyn Hill Palette

“Creating this palette has truly been a dream come true for me. Morphe gave me full creative control and allowed me to customize my dream palette for everyone to enjoy! Every shade was customized by me and I really hope you guys love it as much as I do! I wanted a range of neutrals and pops of colors to accommodate all skin tones. I put my heart into this palette and I hope my pickiness pays off!” XO Jaclyn

Jaclyn Hill worked with Morphe for 2 years in order to create this dream palette. I love how she personally customized every shadow. She has very good taste in colors. This palette is unique compared to the other ones I have in term of colors.

Review & Swatches | [Morphe] The Jaclyn Hill Palette

The packaging

The cardboard packaging is white with silver letters; simple but elegant. It’s easy to hold the palette despite the size of it, since it is light and quite thin. I like how the new vision has the shadow names on the back. The older version has the names on a separate paper, which is not so convenient. I adore this packaging but I wonder if it’ll get dirty over time.


Review & Swatches | [Morphe] The Jaclyn Hill Palette

The shadows

The Jaclyn Hill Palette has a wide selection of colors, both shimmer and matte finishes. Ranging from neutrals and pops of colors. This palette has all the colors you need! And I’m impressed by the quality. The shadows are pigmented and easy to work with. It’s hard to find purple and blue shadows that are pigmented, so I’m especially impressed with the ones in this palette. There are a total of 35 colors with the price of $38, that is not bad at all. That is around $1.09 per shadow.

Review & Swatches | Morphe: The Jaclyn Hill Palette


I fell in love with the palette once I saw it at Ulta. I can see that Jaclyn Hill put in a lot of effort choosing the color selection. The colors she selected are gorgeous and the quality is excellent. In fact, the shadows are more pigmented than some of the high-end palettes that I have. I’m not disappointed at all. I truly adore this palette. If you’re quite adventurous with your makeup look then you will adore this palette as much as I do. It has all the colors you need for different looks. I especially love the pops of colors. Overall, I would recommend this palette for all the makeup lovers out there.

– Good pigmentation
-Affordable for the number of shadows you get
-Beautiful colors
-Pretty packaging

-The packaging is white so it might get dirty
-Difficult to store since the palette is quite big


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